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Infant Care/ Why Choose KRK?

Our center has an extensive area for our youngest children that includes all learning opportunities that will help them grow in so many new ways.

As soon as you walk in, you will see our infant care area through our large glass windows. The entire room has a bright, airy feel about it creating a wonderful environment for our youngest students.

infant care orlando fl You will likely see several infants exploring interactive toys and moving about on the mats, many will be at rest and the rocking chairs are almost always being used for nurturing and hands on loving interaction with the babies.

Every child here receives the benefit of individualized cribs and a long-term staff that is committed to nurturing the youngest children. Our full-time capacity for infants is 12 in our program. We have the largest and most comprehensive program in East Orlando for all age groups including infant-toddler. The whole infant care department has a fully trained staff with expertise relative to this special age group.

The youngest learners at Infant Care Orlando Kids ‘R’ Kids get a wonderful start on early learning with our Active Learning Curriculum. Infants, starting as young as six weeks old, begin with hands-on play to stimulate their sense of wonder and create the yearn to learn. We provide a place for one on one nurturing through loving attitudes that support growth, and discovery. Every activity will help your child move towards developmental achievements having tons of fun as they are learning. We even take pictures when we think you’d enjoy a special moment. Most important, we take all the time a new Mother or Father needs at the beginning and end of the day to ensure that we’ve truly communicated with each other. Daily reports will be provided on your child’s routine, so you can stay up to date with their progress.

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At Kids ‘R’ Kids Orlando Infant we know the importance of nurturing when it comes to babies. Personal and individual attention is guaranteed with lots of hugs and a loving attitude. Your baby will enjoy plenty of singing, giggling, reading, cuddling and of course Tummy Time in our safe, secure state-of-the-art facility. Each child will benefit from an individual daily plan created especially for them.

Kids ‘R’ Kids Orlando Child Care / Infant Care Learn more about our curriculum

Our Orlando Infant Care

Our program concentrates on 4 basic areas of growth
during these early years
* language development
* physical development
* cognitive development
* social and emotional development

Kids ‘R’ Kids Program includes:
* a comforting environment focused on love and trust
* many hands-on activities, to stimulate their young minds
* a learning plan, structured to fit your individual child’s developmental needs
* plenty of play including physical activity and exercise to help them grow healthy
* we give special attention to each and every child, to build the loving relationship that is key to learning.
* we throw in tons of hugs and gaggles of giggles for good measure!

Early Education and Growth for Infants
Our Learning Centers have age appropriate toys especially chosen for early learning. You will find our Infant Care area is stimulating, bright and exciting place for your child to explore and learn. Our weekly lesson plan will provide activities geared towards goals and discovery style learning. Our extensive Infant Sign Language Program, is wonderful for children who are just building their vocalization skills. Non-verbal learning can transition them quickly into age appropriate language skills without causing frustration.

Love, Laughs and Learning
To your baby, there’s no such thing as too much love, too many hugs, or too many giggles. As babies transition into toddlers, we know how important it is do build strong bonds with families and caregivers. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Orlando Infant Care, you know that your child is being loved, hugged and nurtured from the very important early weeks right through 24 months! When you compare our infant – toddler care with other centers you will know Kids ‘R’ Kids is the right decision for you.


A Hug Above the Rest – Hug First Then Learn
Our slogan recognizes the fact that our teachers need to show love first to expect children that will listen and learn. Toddlers are quite active and sometimes will require coddling to mend the occasional boo-boo. There is a special place in our center where your child can rest and receive the TLC they deserve. We always have staff on premises highly qualified in First Aid, as well as caring teachers that are well versed in “making it all better.” A hug, a nod, an understanding smile, the comfort and safety of being with people who care, that’s the Kids ‘R’ Kids Orlando Infant program difference.

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